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About Us

Family Owned & Local

CWS is a small family owned business distributing in Indiana. Founded by 

Bill Ferguson-Wagstaffe, CWS has over a decade of sales experience in the Wine and Spirits Industry

Small Portfolio

Unlike the big Distributing Companies in Indiana, CWS has a small amount of brands which enables them to concentrate on giving each plenty of time and attention to maximize distribution and sales. 


CWS is excited to share innovative sales techniques to help build brands, advertise efficiently, and make sure marketing budgets are working towards growing market share 

Cornerstone Wine & Spirits

Selective and Precise


CWS guarantees that every product they sell will go through a rigorous trial period to ensure it meets the high standards of the management before it is brought into their warehouse. 

Unique Strategy


Every brand has a unique story that fits certain areas, venues, and lifestyles. CWS will target specific account types and avoid trying to force a round peg through a square hole

Honest Pricing and Deals


No smoke and mirrors, and no fine print. 

CWS has easy to understand pricing structures so that customers 

can quickly calculate profit and cost down to the ounce. 

Industry Trends


CWS knows what products, varietals, geographic areas, and cocktails are hot and trendy and will make sure to promote what people want right now. They will stay ahead of where the business is going and access industry leaders in mixology and wine to help facilitate re-orders and

 keep products moving in the market 


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To find out more information about our current portfolio, email either:

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Cornerstone Wine & Spirits

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